Spirituality for a Sustainable Society

Vol. 05
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What if you love your job but not your coworkers?
As people spend more hours in the office, colleagues can almost come to resemble family — sometimes a dysfunctional one. The modern business culture forces colleagues to interact more than ever! But what if you don't really like your coworkers but still like the job? Here’s an interesting take by Kathryn Vasel from CNN Business on workplace interactions and interpersonal conflict resolution. Are you/Can you be the ‘bigger’ person?
How to Incorporate Forgiveness in Business
We’ve seen fad incentives, flexible working hours and even free food offered by employers who want to foster a positive company culture - but how often have we heard forgiveness’ touted as one of the top office traits? The biggest barrier to growth, healing, and progress is anger & forgiveness fantasies. Here’s what Krister Ungerboeck says about it.
Food for Thought
“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” - Mahatma Gandhi
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