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The Institute of Expertexon is one of the most prominent Information Technology specialists in Sri Lanka. Has launched suitable online certificate courses for you. The convivial courses have been created for job seekers and employers. This method will help you to reduce time, energy and money.

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It is mandatory to complete the course works, attend online lectures and sit for exams in order to obtain certificates. If you've come here to get a certificate easily, this is not the place for it.

Zoom - Free Online Classes

  • Any student registered on this website can attend the free lectures conducted through Zoom.
  • WhatsApp your registration number and name to 0716515212 to participate.

Registration Process

  • Fill the application and click on the submit button to register
  • Some of these courses are totally free of charge. Students who willing to get the certificates are only needed to pay Rs. 2500 as certificate fee.
  • Leave your query here
    Docharma: How much I have to pay
    Admin: You can follow the course free of charge, If you want to get a certificate you have to pay Rs 2500 /=
    Van George: Hi I want to study French language to be a teacher .am In Malawi
    Admin: Thank you for the request, we will introduce the course and let you know in the near future.
    Randiv: How can I receive my certificate after complete the course
    Gihan Sampath: Still, I didnt receive the password
    Sadali: I got the certificare, thank you.
    Miniko: I found thr Certificate
    Saniru: I am also received the certificate,Thank You!
    hello: this site is not using https....dont give the correct email and the register now feature is completely fake
    Admin: Since 2017 thousand of students worldwide, are registered here and completed their courses. Dont show your folly here. There is no connection between using https and fake use of registration.
    M.S. Selani Budara De silva: hwo to pay money and How can I receive my certificate after complete the course
    Admin: You will receive the certificate by post.
    Admin: You can deposit the money to the bank account, the bank account number will be provided to you after complete all the examinations.
    shashikala hansini : i have registered but i have not received a email.plz attend
    Admin: Dear Shishikala, Pleae check your email.
    Tharushi Dilunika: How can I get my certificate?
    kaliduwa vidanagamage sachini imalsha: pasword erro
    Admin: Please provide your password without spaces
    kaliduwa vidanagamage sachini imalsha: i have registered but i have not received a email.plz attend
    Acmin: Please provide the password as you provided when register.
    Lakshan dimuthu bandara: I have regester but not login
    Sharon: Can u guys do the English version of this course I am interested
    Makilnan: Please send me the question in English languages
    Amna: I am interested in this course
    Jona hom: Thank you for the free course and valid certificate
    dilanka: How much cost for the programs?
    Admin: Dear Delanka, please read the content on this web page.
    dilanka: Tell the answer? No respond.
    Admin: Most of the courses are totally free of charge
    Nusaika: I want question in english
    dilanka: How much cost?
    Rashidha Farhath : How much for this course? Or totally free
    ismaaciil andirassq: ismaaciil
    farweena: hi i want to lean information systems for business management and HRM.
    S.l imalka madara hansi: How can english
    dilanka: How to apply a certificate ??
    Khushi: Can we get question in english i can understand this lang
    Dilini: Can you please continue lesson other lessons quickly
    Sasindu: Is these courses free?
    Dilanka : From where we have to pay? Is there a account number ??
    Admin: Please contact 0716515212 for payments
    dilanka : Why there is a massege shows to try in two days? After two days, when log in same thing appears?
    Admin: You need to participate online classes conducted through Zoom on every Saturdays at 7:30 PM to unlock the course materials. It is totally free of charge
    Lakmal: Hurray....! just now I got the certificate thanks a lot sir
    dil: Thanks sir for the information
    dilanka: Sir should we start attending to zoom meetings from january ?
    Rasi: How can I continue in the English language?
    DIL: are you conducting english courses sir??
    Tharushi sewmimi: Clz
    Shirani : Please added mahum patamalawata
    Dear Shirani : Please apply for the Course
    Nimali Silva: Dear sir, please re-open the calling application for Vactor and Raster Graphic Designing Course
    Ahmed: Can we have a link to like YouTube videos or somewhere to check credibility please.
    Amaya: Graphic designing
    Dilini Ruwanthika: I am interested for this side learn. can i add for this free course consider my inquiry
    Yashoda biyonika: I want to learn IT course
    Yashoda biyonika: Will we want to the pay money for this course?
    Dulari Dineshika Sisilarathna : -
    Asha: Computer literacy is a free course
    Pushparaj Selva Kumar: Registration details please
    Tharsika roshan : I like to learn
    Tharun : tharun12
    S.N.N.Rathnayake: How can I receive my certificate after complete the course
    Thathsarani Chanika : Join Computer Course
    Lakmal: Thank for your Certifycate
    Deshan Chandula: Video editing
    S.N.N.Rathnayake: I like to learn
    H.G.N.C.W.Wijeweera : Wasantha
    Mariya sepastiyam pillai Amala Danistan : This certificate is recognised by Srilankan exam department
    Admin: We are an educational institute with a 12-year history of government registration
    Heshan: 0715772106
    Heshan: 0715772106
    Barana Karunamuni: What days are there
    Thejani Perera: Like to joing
    P.A Dilshani shiromala: Dilshani
    P.A.Dilshai Shiromala: Dilshani
    Diilika madushani shiromala: Dilika
    Diilika madushani shiromala: Diliika
    Diilika madushani shiromala: Dilika
    Diilika madushani shiromala: Sadali
    Diilika madushani shiromala: Sadali
    Dewini ransika yasarathne : Police officer
    Pavithra Niroshani : Like to joing
    A.M.Chathura Lakmina : ..
    p M A Kaushalya : Kawadda patan ganne
    Mahenthirarasa Amalraj : Kallappadu South Mullaitivu
    Mahenthirarasa Amalraj : Mahenthirarasa Amalraj0742775069
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    Sunil: How can I apply for the courses
    Sadani subanya: No
    WilliamVup: Njfhsjdwkdjwfh jiwkdwidwhidjwi jiwkdowfiehgejikdoswfiw
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Special features of the course

  • Students who wish to join the course should have a basic knowledge of the subjects.
  • The course notes, tutorials, videos, and activities are online, and those activities are used to summarize the final results of the course outcome.
  • The course consists of a 3-month period and at the end of the 2nd month, you have to sit for the online exam.
  • You must have to explain your identity appearing before the exam.
  • You can sit for the examination at home or at an appropriate location and you should agree to watch you through your webcam during the exam. Observations only begin after you approve.
  • At the end of the examination, the students must prepare a project according to research topics provided by the organization and will be guided by the consultant provided by the organization.
  • The final exam will be held at the end of the course, and all those who follow the course should make online research submission to the Institute prior to the final exam of the course.
  • At the end of the course, it will be issued a valid certificate, and it is advisable to get the desired credit amount.

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